Ivana McCann believes in the power of connection. She has used her extensive experience in inter-cultural business environments to create her own network of like-minded, friendly influential and adventurous people; top-level decision-makers, angel investors, senior executives, industry leaders, innovators and philanthropists.

With a keen focus on brand awareness and developing a positive image, her combination of amiability and determination make her instantly relatable.


She is fluent in seven languages, has lived in at least four countries and has immersed herself in commercial environments crossing industry sectors.

Such experience has enabled her to imagine and implement numerous successful, large-scale, multinational networking events, on topics varying from new technologies to charities and NGOs, as well as other networking associations.

In her home nation of Serbia, she is the Great Prior of the Chivalric and Historical Order of St Stanislaus, an accolade achieved through a combination of personality, acumen and integrity. 


With training in cross-cultural communication, bridge-building and diplomacy, Ivana has developed a level of discernment around identifying commercial opportunities that is as valuable as it is rare.

Ivana McCann Exclusive Business Club 
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