Why become an IMcC Business Club Member?

IMcC Exclusive Business Club is an exclusive, private membership organisation, dedicated to connecting exceptional and inspirational individuals, both socially and professionally. 


Our members are a collective of leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and adventurers who share and expand their spheres of influence. 


Through a variety of experiential events, such as business networking and elite social gatherings, we empower our members to forge lasting bonds and friendships, thereby enriching each others' lives, sharing business ideas and enhancing philanthropic causes.


We actively seek individuals who resonate with our philosophy and can add new value to the existing IMcC Exclusive Business Club network.


If you believe this describes you and you want to get involved, the IMcC Business Club invites you to join! 

IMcC Exclusive Business Club -

"From Regal History to Modern Hi-Tech."

What do IMcC Exclusive Club Members gain ?

New business and partnership potential, plus the opportunity to learn from one another about developments of new technologies and industries.

Access to the combined knowledge of the IMcC club members and automatic access to the Austria Imperialis membership network.

Valuable relationships with others in similar positions who share a mutual passion for business partnership.

Introductions to industry titans and international entrepreneurs.

Valuable business and investment opportunities with VC Fund Managers, Business Angels and elite professionals worldwide.

Ivana McCann Exclusive Business Club 
Tel: +43 (0) 677 637 27 672
Legend 712 e.o.o.d (VI)
0500 Office
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